Hands in 4 Youth inspires young people from diverse backgrounds to be fully engaged in school and life so they have opportunity and choice to pursue their dreams.


A world where all children have opportunity and choice to pursue their life’s dreams.


Hands in 4 Youth teaches young people how to set and pursue goals, live in the world, reflect on their experiences, and take progressive action.

Our programs prepare youth ages 6 to 17 for fuller engagement in school and life so they have opportunity and choice to pursue their dreams. While we are not academic teachers, we are educators in critical areas of social development and self-awareness: traits that lead to higher performance in school and the real world.

The development areas around which we build our programs are: Social Intelligence, Self-Efficacy, and Educational Prowess. Short-term behavioral outcomes in each area are predictors of long-term changes that lead to more positive conduct, stronger academic performance, and healthy social development.

Our guiding principle is that a young person’s road to development and success can most effectively result through the practice of setting and pursuing goals, living responsibly in the world, reflecting on achievements and failures, and taking progressive action towards their goals.

We have tested this theory and measured our impact by evaluating our staff and program practices and conducting pre- and post-surveys of our participants with very positive results.  Our aim is to seize and promote the science behind our 90 years of youth development magic!