For our 2018 year-end campaign, Hands In 4 Youth is happy to announce an exciting way to recognize our donors, while also completing a much-needed infrastructure improvement at Camp Vacamas: the HI4Y WALK OF FAME.

Alongside the camp’s 65-acre Lake Larriwein is our wooden boardwalk, traditionally an important hub of camp life and offering campers and visitors one of our site’s most beautiful walking routes. Years of wear and weather have taken their toll and in 2019, we will completely remove and replace the existing boardwalk with a safe, sturdy and attractive new edition.

It will be rechristened the HI4Y Walk of Fame, and all of our donors this season will have the exclusive opportunity to sponsor a board, section or bench for the Walk. Each sponsored section will include signage naming it in honor of the donor, their family, or individuals or organizations of their choice.


A portion of your donation to our 2018 year-end campaign will support the Walk of Fame project costs, with the rest supporting other ongoing infrastructure improvements, camper scholarships, and expansion of our after-school programs in partner public schools. A unique opportunity to become part of Camp Vacamas, a wonderful way to honor family members or the camp alumni in your life, or even a unique holiday gift; the HI4Y Walk of Fame will be a showcase for the most important members of the HI4Y family, like you.

Sponsorship Categories

Choose from the specific sponsorships below, or click here to make a contribution of any amount: categories can be combined based on your contribution, and we will reach out to you and confirm your desired sponsorship of the Walk of Fame. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Please note that sponsorship of the Walk of Fame is optional. If you’d prefer to make a donation to the year-end campaign without specifying any named boardwalk category, just let us know. We welcome all contributions and thank you for your support!

Our sponsorship categories are named in honor of classic lakefront activities (our three campers’ swim levels) and the natural beauty on Lake Larriwein, all sights that can be enjoyed on a stroll along the HI4Y Walk of Fame!

If you'd like to make your contribution by mail, please include a note with your chosen Walk of Fame sponsorship (if any), and your contact information. Please make checks payable to: Hands In 4 Youth.

You can also make a donation using Paypal here:


Questions about the HI4Y Walk of Fame or our programs?

Contact Brett Rollins, Director of Development: or 973-991-5759

Contributors to the HI4Y Walk of Fame campaign will also receive an exclusive invitation to join us in spring 2019 for a special celebration of the Camp Vacamas waterfront, including the ribbon-cutting for the Walk of Fame and our new dam (currently under construction and scheduled for completion in January). We hope to see you there!